Train Postcard Set Update

Hello Postcard Friend —

Did you know our train set is one of our oldest postcard sets? Some of you may remember when we started back in 2018, all we had was Chicago and Door County, WI.

Not a great selection to launch a new postcard business, but the enthusiasm was contagious and customers encouraged us to expand our selections.

So guided by nothing other than “taking-a-shot-in-the-dark”, we started first with New York City, then followed by Route 66 and Trains.

Three years later, we have gathered great sales data that clearly showed we had six slow sellers that needed to go.

Are you ready to see their replacements? Okay, buckle up. Here we go:

Amtrak Acela Postcard Conway Scenic Railroad Postcard Canadian National Winter Postcard Union Pacific Railroad Postcard Alaska Railroad PostcardLittle Red Caboose Postcard


Five new postcards PLUS a little red caboose! We couldn’t resist—it was so adorable. 30 years later and I still miss seeing a caboose at the end of a train. Do you?

In addition, we revised some of the original designs and gave them a refresh. Here’s one example:

But wait—it keeps getting better! The back layout also received an update and now includes a “RR” brand:

Well, that’s all the excitement for this week. Choo-choo! :-)