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Hello Postcard Friend —

In last week’s newsletter, you may recall I mentioned the NASA Mission Control postcard was moving from the City of Houston postcard series to the Space Postcard Series.

While Mission Control is located outside of Houston, it makes more sense to be with the Space Series instead.

That change meant the Space Series would have 9 postcards—and I like the sets to have 12 when possible. That meant 3 new postcards needed to be created.

Well lucky you, here are the 3 new postcards (plus Mission Control):

International Space Station Postcard

Mission Control Postcard

Hubble Space Telescope Postcard

Earth Postcard

Just to jog your memory, here’s a look at some of the other postcards in the series:

We hope you enjoy the new space postcards!


Upcoming Postcards

We’re planning to release our new Barn & Farm postcard set next week. This dazzling new set will complement the new USPS Barn Series postcard-rate postage stamps.

Speaking of new stamps, did you know the USPS is releasing an Espresso Drinks Series this week? The stamps are beautiful, and we’re creating a new postcard set to complement the new stamps. Yeah!

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