Sending Postcards of Love and Hope

Hello Postcard Friends –

This week’s newsletter is a little different.

Instead of announcing another cool and dazzling postcard, we wanted to pause and share with you one-way postcards are spreading love and happiness around the world.

One of our longtime customers, Donna D., has taught English language learners in kindergarten through fourth grade for the past 16 years. She recently let us know about a project she does with her students and how our postcards play a part in it.

Her students draw colorful designs on the front of our blank postcards and write messages of hope and love on the back.

The postcards are then sent to refugee children around the world through Any Refugee, founded in 2014 by a 9-year-old Alaskan boy.

The idea came from hearing how people used to send letters addressed to Any Soldier. The boy took the idea, got his elementary school involved, and started to send postcards with messages of love and comfort to refugee children around the world.

Today, the program has distributed tens of thousands of postcards to refugee children on five continents.

Postcard of Hope

“I think it is wonderful for my students,” shares Donna, “because it helps teach empathy and shows them that even young children can have a positive impact in the world. It also shows children a purpose for writing and the joy of sending postcards!”

To learn more about the Any Refugee postcard program, you can visit their website at

Do you have a similar story to share? If so, let us know and we’ll consider featuring it in a future newsletter.


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