Famous Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Postcard


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Developed in Chicago around the early 1940’s, deep-dish pizza is baked in a pan with high edges to create a deep crust providing room for large amounts of toppings. The toppings then are assembled “upside-down” from their usual order since deep-dish pizza requires a longer back time and the top layer of cheese would burn. So cheese is on the bottom, followed by other toppings on top.

4×6 Postcard

Size: 4″x6″
Paper: Premium 100 lb Oxford textured card stock | 30% recycled
Finish: Non-glossy
Postage: Postcard stamp

#170 | © Christopher Arndt Images. All rights reserved. This derivative work is used under Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0) with attribution to Dustin Gaffke.