Brush Rabbit StampBrush Rabbit Stamp

This U.S. Postal Service stamp features a small brownish cottontail rabbit that likes to take shelter in brush and thickets while feeding on grasses and greens.

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  • Rabbit Postcard

    Rabbit Postcard

    Rabbits are small mammals often raised as livestock their meat and fur—which is prized for its softness. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: 100lb cardstock with a crisp pebble-like texture. — 23-04-09 | Derivative artwork based on a photo by Pixabay.

  • Christmas Rabbit Postcard

    Christmas Rabbit Postcard

    Enjoy sending this festive postcard of a rabbit surrounded by a country-themed Christmas wreath. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: Cardstock — 24-123 | Artwork based on a design by Freepik.