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  • Keep Calm and Smell the Roses Postcard

    Keep Calm and Smell the Roses Postcard

    This spoof on the British motivational poster Keep Calm and Carry On has become a recognized catch phrase to encourage calm in the face of adversity. Words read “Keep calm and smell the roses”. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: Cardstock — 17-112 | … Read More

  • Pink Cadillac Postcard

    Pink Cadillac Postcard

    The flamboyant Cadillac was the pinnacle of 1950s excess with the highest tail fins to ever adorn an automobile. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: Dazzling textured cardstock — 27-01-110 | © Christopher Arndt Images. All rights reserved. Artwork used is a derivative based on … Read More

  • Bleeding Heart Postcard

    Bleeding Heart Postcard

    Part of the poppy family, the plant is native to Siberia, northern China, Korea, and Japan and valued for its heart-shaped pink and white flowers which bloom in spring. Size: 4″ x 6″ Paper: 100lb cardstock with a fine pebble … Read More

  • Harbour Town Lighthouse Postcard

    Harbour Town Lighthouse Postcard

    Located at the Harbour Town Marina on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina USA, the privately built lighthouse was completed in 1970 and is a recognized icon of the area. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: Cardstock — 19-02-154 | © Christopher Arndt Images. … Read More

  • Tulip Postcard

    Tulip Postcard

    The showy and brightly colored flowers are part of the lily family and grow from bulbs. They are native to the region stretching from Southern Europe to Central Asia. Size: 4″ x 6″ Paper: 100lb cardstock with a fine pebble … Read More

  • Water Lily Postcard

    Water Lily Postcard

    Prized for its large ornamental flowers, these aquatic herbs are rooted in the soil of shallow bodies of water with leaves and flowers floating on the water’s surface. Size: 4″ x 6″ Paper: 100lb cardstock with a fine pebble texture … Read More

  • Pig Postcard

    Pig Postcard

    Raised primarily for their pork, bacon, and ham, pigs are foraging animals using their snout to dig in the soil for stems and roots while wallowing in mud to keep cool. Size: 4″x6″ Paper: 100lb cardstock with a crisp pebble-like … Read More