Postcards Organized by Postage Stamp

Postcards by StampHello Postcard Friend —

Are you one who likes to match your USPS postage stamps to your postcards?

With over 850 postcards in 60+ categories, wouldn’t it be spectacular if you could sort our postcards by postage stamp?

Well blow me over — the wait is over!

Now it’s easier than ever with our new “Postcards by Stamp” category! (A huge shoutout to Sylvia M for submitting another great idea. Thank you Sylvia!)

Here’s a quick look at the new category page:

Postcard Stamp Categories

There are 24 stamp categories in total. Twenty-four—are you kidding me? That’s a lot of cool postage stamps! Wow.

But it gets better. When you click on each stamp category, you’re also given a little history about the stamp and other stamp trivia. How cool is that?

Speaking of cool—did you know you can also sort our postcards by color and USA state?

Postcards by Color

Postcards by USA State

This is in addition to “New Releases“, “Popularity“, and “Postcard Set“.

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