Postcard Prices Updated

Hello Postcard Friends –

In last weeks newsletter, we discussed the awkward topic of “postcard prices”. We invited you to pull up a chair and join the conversation – and join you did. We were overwhelmed by your responses!

As a young family business, we’re still navigating our way through learning how to be profitable while providing you with beautiful postcards at affordable prices that ship at reasonable rates.

Last week we asked one simple question: “If we raised our prices to 75¢ or higher, would you still purchasing from us?”


“Worth it! Your cards are beautiful.”

“It is hard to find great postcards like yours.”

“I’ve paid more for less cool cards.”

“I would easily pay .99 per card”

“Don’t sell your art or yourself short!”

“I’m so happy to support your family’s business.”

“I think yours are a deal even at 99 cents!”

…and on and on the responses came from our regular customers.

Overwhelmed by the enormous encouragement, we have decided to take the bold step and raise our prices.

Effective August 1, 2018, we are raising our postcard prices as follows:

98¢ – Individually

88¢ – In postcard sets

This is either the worst business decision we’ve made (and we’ve made a bunch), or this will turn out well.

Of course, this increase means some of you will leave – and for this, I am deeply sorry to see you go. While we can’t compete on price, we will continue to create amazing postcards for years to come.

With heartfelt thanks, we are grateful for your ongoing support of our little family business. We couldn’t do this without. THANK YOU!

– The Arndt Family