Panorama Postcards

Hello Postcard Friends –

Did you know when we started the Christopher Arndt Postcard Co. 3 years ago we only sold jumbo 5″x 8″ and panorama 4″x 9″ postcards?

At the time, we were selling in retail stores and the jumbo postcards were a unique item. However, when we made our postcards available online to support the Postcrossing community, we quickly learned that the community wanted 4″x 6″ postcards instead. So we quickly switched our postcards to the smaller size.

Today, we’re bringing back the panorama 4″x9″ postcard for when you want to send something extra-special.

You can thank Sylvia M. for the idea and encouragement. If her name looks familiar – it should be. She’s the brainchild behind last year’s popular “150th Anniversary Postcard” as well as this year’s “World Postcard Day” postcard.


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