Leap Year 2020 Postcard

Hello Postcard Friends – Did you know this year is a leap year? The extra day will be added this Saturday, February 29, 2020. By adding the extra day, our calendars stay synchronized with the astronomical year. To celebrate all … Read More

Washington D.C. Postcards

Hello Postcard Friends – This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Strangely, the USPS does not plan to release any commemorative postage stamps remembering this historic anniversary. This US Marine Corps War Memorial postcard … Read More

Valentine’s Day #2 Postcard

Hello Postcard Friends – With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we know many of you love to send Valentine’s postcards. So we’re tickled to provide you with our second Valentine’s Day postcard. Now you have two dazzling postcards to … Read More

Food, Dessert, and Drink Postcards

Hello Postcard Friends – We often see requests in Postcrossing profiles requesting food-related postcards. It’s also a common request we receive as well. Today we are excited to provide you with 16 food, drink, and dessert postcards. So pull up … Read More

Christmas 2019 Postcards

Hello Postcard Friends – We hate to be one to rush the Christmas season (I mean, it’s only October) – but we know many of you need to start planning your Christmas mailings early. We are excited to announce that … Read More

Two Year Anniversary

Hello Postcard Friends – This month we are celebrating our second year in business — and you’re invited to the party! Without further ado, let the festivities begin! Here are some fascinating statistics from the past year:   POSTCARDS to … Read More

Niagara Falls Postcards

Hello Postcard Friends – We know Niagara Falls today as a beautifully preserved “Wonder of the World”. Yet few realize that in the late 1800s sightseers had limited access to Niagara Falls and often had to pay for a glimpse. … Read More

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