Greetings from Kentucky

Greetings from Kentucky! If you’re new to our newsletter, or just need a recap, we sold our house in Wheaton, IL—the place we’ve called home for over 25 years, raised 3 boys, and started this postcard business. ­ We packed … Read More

Postcards from the Garage

What do Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Disney, and Mattel all have in common? They all got their start in a garage. While we got our start at our kitchen table, we’re now having our “garage” moment too. As most … Read More

Causing a lot of buzz

Our last newsletter caused a lot of buzz. To recap, I shared why I hadn’t written a newsletter in a while due to discouragement, rebellion, and busyness. The response was overwhelming. People responded in two different ways: 1) Wrote a … Read More

What Happened to Christopher?

Lately, we’ve been receiving a number of emails asking, “I haven’t received your newsletter in a while. I hope everything is okay.” There are a number of reasons for this: discouragement, rebellion, and busyness. Let me explain. First, discouragement. Sales … Read More

Airplane Postcards Selection Update

In a previous newsletter, we mentioned we began working on our newest postcard series: iconic airplanes of aviation history. We provided an initial list of 15 airplanes—then asked for your feedback. Many responded by either confirming the selections or offering … Read More

First Day of Issue Postmarks

You’ve probably seen one. Or you’ve received one. Perhaps you’ve even sent one. I’m talking about a U.S. Postal Service’s First-Day-of-Issue postmark covers. If this term is new to you, a First Day Cover is a special commemorative postmark issued … Read More

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