I Want You to Vote Postcard

I Want You to Vote PostcardHello Postcard Friends –

I’m often asked which postcard is our top seller. However, I’ve never been asked which postcard is my favorite.

I’ll tell you. This one!

While I’m excited about all the postcards created so far, there’s just something about this new postcard I really, really like.

Maybe it’s because I love patriotic red, white, and blue artwork. Or because it’s based on the famous Uncle Sam war poster by artist James Montgomery Flagg (which I had hanging on my bedroom wall as a child).

Did you know that over four million copies of the poster were printed to encourage recruitment in the United States Army during World War I, and revived again for World War II?

Now that the election is just a few weeks away, we’re reviving this public domain poster once again – this time with a change to the wording.

Of course, I can’t resist by closing with “I Want You to Buy This Postcard!” LOL.


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