Houston Texas Update


Houston Street Art Postcard

In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned the City of Houston postcard series was going to get an update.

We rarely go back and update an existing postcard set, but there’s a humourous reason why we’re revisiting the Houston set.

A few weeks ago I received the following email:

“I ordered your [Houston Street Art] card because I thought it was amusing that you thought that Houston Street (pronounced How-ston) in New York City was in Houston, Texas. The wall on your card which is on Houston and Bowery Streets on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan was painted by Cope2. It is a curated wall [that] changes every few months. It is probably the most famous street art wall in the world, having first been painted by Keith Haring in 1982. Try Googling Houston/Bowery wall and you’ll learn more.”

Well, I indeed Googled to learn more about the wall, and to my embarrassment—the above image is from New York City, not Houston, TX!

“But Christopher, how could you forget since you took the photo?”

Good question. As you may recall, each postcard image starts as a photograph—which I transform into a digital oil-painting then combine the two into a “photo-painting“. That’s what gives each postcard that sizzle!

I’ve taken many of the photographs used on the postcards, but I also license directly or use Creative Commons or public domain images as well.

In the case of the New York graffiti postcard, I relied on the description of the original photo, which was:

“houston st street art-2”

Clearly, I made a wrong assumption while also ignoring “street”. That should have been a tip-off.

Well, instead of simply moving the postcard to the New York City series (we already have 41 postcards), I’m simply moving it to the clearance section.

Furthermore, I always felt the “Johnson Space Center Mission Control” postcard would sell better as part of the Space Series, not Houston.

This meant the City of Houston Set now only had 6 postcards. That meant it was time to make more—six in fact. Here they are:

Houston Skyline Postcard

San Jacinto Monument Postcard

Houston Astrodome Postcard

Houston Be Someone Bridge Postcard

USS Texas Battleship Postcard

Houston Circular Walkway Postcard