Cicada Postcard

Cicadas PostcardHello Postcard Friend —

If you live across the eastern United States, you are well aware that your yards and parks have been invaded with the deafening love songs of cicadas.

This particular arrival is the emergence of the Brood X cicadas. According to Scientific American, every 17 years, billions of the Brood X cicadas tunnel up from their underground lairs to spend their final days partying in the sun.

This generation got its start back in 2004 when Facebook existed only at Harvard University and Friends aired its last episode.

Did you know? There can be up to 1.4 million cicadas per acre! It is here that they molt into their adult form, sing their motorcycle-level courtship song, and produce the next generation before dying—just a few weeks later.

To celebrate the arrival of Brood X Class of 2021 we created this cicada postcard.

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