Artist Christopher ArndtAbout Christopher Arndt

Chicago-based artist Christopher Arndt—widely known for his trademark photo-painting style—loves to combine the realism of photography with the rich textures of digital oil-painting. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, his work breathes new life into each image.


The Formative Years

Growing up on the northwest side of Chicago, Christopher vividly remembers his first time taking a photograph. The year was 1978 and the event was the local Fourth of July parade. Strapping his mom’s Brownie camera around his neck, the family found a good spot along the parade route – and throughout the course of the day – Christopher took a series of black and white photographs. This pivotal event was formative in Christopher’s interest in photography.


Developing His Style

After honing his photography skills over three decades, Christopher had an increased desire to share his imagery with others for their enjoyment. However, he noticed people generally hung paintings on their walls – not photography. Not skilled as a painter, Christopher began experimenting with combining photography with digital oil painting. Energized with his new thirst and purpose, he began experimenting in earnest until he had developed an artistic look that created images that dazzled.


Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary

Christopher began applying his newfound “photo-painting style” to his photographs of Door County, WI, and began selling his work throughout the region as framed artwork, note cards, and an extensive collection of premium postcards.

Finding success in Door County, Christopher turned closer to home and began developing new artwork from his hometown in Wheaton, IL, surrounding communities, and the City of Chicago. His work quickly earned a following and became available both locally and at the prestigious Chicago Architecture Foundation in downtown Chicago, IL.


Commission Requests

With his portfolio of artwork expanding, Christopher began receiving requests for commissioned art – specifically people’s homes. To meet the demand, Christopher began Home Sweet Home Portraits so people could have custom artwork in Christopher’s signature art style.



In 2017, Christopher received an email from an avid fan who was purchasing postcards at the Chicago Architecture Foundation to send through Postcrossing. Unfortunately, the Foundation had run out of their favorite postcard.

Unfamiliar with Postcrossing, Christopher went on a mission to learn more. He quickly discovered a world of people who love to send, receive, and exchange postcards with people all around the world.

Believing he could help, Christopher launched the Christopher Arndt Postcard Co™ in October of 2017 to serve the Postcrossing community. He started with postcards from locations where he was already selling: Chicago, Door County, and Detroit.

Since launching in 2017, Christopher’s postcards are loved by Postcrossing users across the United States who love to share their new dazzling postcards with people all around the world.


The Adventure Continues

What started out with an outing to the local parade has turned into a lifetime pursuit of capturing the beauty surrounding us. Little did Christopher know at the age of eight that his work would one day be enjoyed by people around the world.

Christopher currently works out of his home studio in Wheaton, IL – known for Wheaton College and the childhood home of the Belushi brothers (whose house is just a stone’s throw away).

We love to have fun! Christopher (in the back) with his beautiful wife, 3 sons, and Christopher’s parents. Image from 2009.